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CyberMed Summit is an egalitarian, inclusive, and multi-stakeholder event dedicated to exploring challenges and discovering solutions within the healthcare cybersecurity space. Established in the spirit that every voice in this important conversation matters, the Summit is intended to facilitate dialogue between any and all who wish to contribute to the mission of protecting patients through the use of safe and secure medical technologies and infrastructure.

CyberMed Summit welcomes participation from any who share this mission, irrespective of race, gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, physical abilities, physical appearance, religious beliefs, educational level, professional background, or technical capabilities.   

We strive to host this conference with empathy, respect, and a profound appreciation for the value of each and every member.

CyberMed Summit Policies were developed not just to convey the expectation that all attendees conduct themselves in a respectful and professional manner but to clearly outline the anti-harassment platform in place, explicitly define consequences to violations of this policy, and to provide information about how to report incidents or concerns.

Code of Conduct


This Code of Conduct (CoC) will be in effect for the duration and the entirety of all CyberMed Summit events and related ancillary events, including, but not limited to the following: pre-event organizational meetings, evening receptions, breakout sessions, etc. Violations of this CoC outside these spaces may affect a person's ability to participate within them. The CyberMed Summit will work synergistically alongside other institutional policies (e.g., violations of the CyberMed Summit CoC may have consequences at the level of the host institution as well) but will supersede any less comprehensive or less inclusive policy.

This CoC applies to every individual or organization directly or tangentially involved with the CyberMed Summit, including but not limited to event organizers, staff, volunteers, sponsors, vendors (catering, etc) facilities, and attendees. 

Code of Conduct

By participating in the Summit, attendees agree to:


Understanding that photography, video or audio recordings in any public space are generally legal so long as no other law is broken to do so, CyberMed Summit respectfully asks Attendees to conduct themselves in a way that honors the same underlying values of privacy and security that we bring to the discussions on connected medical devices and infrastructure.

We request that Attendees refrain from taking or making photos, videos, and audio recordings that may include other attendees without the explicit consent of the individuals featured in those recordings.

Please note that this policy is distinct from any video and audio recording and photography by CyberMed Summit Staff acting in an official media capacity that may serve archival and organizational objectives. A separate event and/or presentation specific policy covering these actions will be provided to Attendees at such events.


Attendees who feel unsafe, uncomfortable, and/or have experienced or witnessed an incident of harassment or discrimination are encouraged to report the event. The CyberMed Summit has a number of mechanisms in place to facilitate a report.


The CyberMed Summit does not tolerate harassment, discrimination, or any other CoC violations. Any attendee who violates the CoC will be subject to any lawful action deemed appropriate by event organizers, including but not limited to verbal and written warning, expulsion from event, or attendance ban from future events. 

Action based on violations will be undertaken by event organizers trained in incident response unless requiring escalation to law enforcement as required by law.


Feedback on the CyberMed Summit CoC is welcomed and encouraged. Please email comments, suggestions, concerns, or other thoughts to safety@cybermedsummit.org.

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Language was adapted from the following Codes of Conduct (under Creative Commons licenses as per sources):