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From the George Washington University in our nation's capital we met with policy experts, leaders in government, and healthcare cybersecurity advocates.

This event will featured a live patient care cyber attack simulation and internationally renowned speakers at the intersection of healthcare and cybersecurity.

A spate of ransomware attacks hitting hospitals and stressing regional health infrastructure have shown us that this problem is far from being solved. Hosted virtually by the prestigious Cybersecurity and Privacy Research Institute at The George Washington University in Washington, D.C., this webinar features chalk talks and a live Q+A with disaster medicine specialist Dr. Natalie Sullivan, cryptography expert Arkady Yerukhimovic, Ph.D., Mr. John Riggi of the American Hospital Association, and Kevin Fu of the FDA.

Voices in clinical medicine, security research, medical device manufacturing, and public policy gather at UC San Diego School of Medicine to discuss bringing advances to health-care cybersecurity -– the patient’s bedside. Solving the Last Mile Problem brings together international experts and a simulated cyber crisis exercise in a hospital setting.