The world’s only clinically-oriented health-care cybersecurity conference.

In the two years since the first CyberMed Summit was held in the shadow of the WannaCry ransomware attack, great strides have been made to protect patients who depend on medical technology for life and limb. From closer collaboration between device vendors and security researchers, to robust regulatory guidance that promotes awareness and buy-in across health-care delivery organizations, we have made meaningful gains and won hard-fought victories. But significant work remains to protect our health-care systems from cyber attacks. 

Please join us for this free, 2-day event, as notable voices in clinical medicine, security research, medical device manufacturing and public policy gather at UC San Diego School of Medicine on November 14 and 15, 2019, to discuss how to bring recent advances in health-care cybersecurity to the place of maximal impact – the patient’s bedside.

CyberMed Summit 2019: Solving the Last Mile Problem will bring together international experts and include simulated cyber crisis exercises in a hospital setting.




University of California San Diego

Medical Education and

Telemedicine  Building

9500 Gilman Drive 
Building 845 
San Diego, CA 92161






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